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About Us

Background and History
Founded in 1973, Right to Life of Wyoming is a grassroots organization with over 8,000 members, including dedicated pro-life advocates from across our great state. From Cheyenne to Jackson and Green River to Sheridan, RTLW represents the pro-life voices of families and citizens who want to support women and protect unborn children from abortion.

Right to Life of Wyoming also stands against assisted suicide and euthanasia. We oppose efforts to weaken the kind of lifesaving medical treatment and pain relief patients deserve. We support palliative care and life-affirming solutions that promote the dignity of the elderly and the disabled.

Our organization also opposes scientific studies that involve the destruction of human life, including human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Right to Life of Wyoming strongly supports medical research to develop cures for diseases and we support adult stem cell research and alternative methods of obtaining embryonic stem cells that do not involve the death of days-old unborn children.

County and Local Chapters
To further our educational, legislative and political work, Right to Life of Wyoming has formed local chapters in various parts of the state. These chapters meet regularly and direct localized pro-life efforts to educate area residents.

Currently, RTLW has chapters in Cheyenne, Green River/Rock Springs, Jackson, Cody, Gillette, Sheridan and Rawlins.

If you don't see your area listed and would like to help us form a chapter where you live, please contact us today. We would appreciate your help and support.

Board of Directors
Right to Life of Wyoming is a member-based grassroots organization and, as such, we are governed by a board of directors composed of pro-life advocates from across the state.

Right to Life of Wyoming, its directors, officers, employees, agents or any person or entity acting in its name or in concert with it, shall not encourage, promote or engage in any violent or unlawful activities related to the purposes of Right to Life of Wyoming.

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